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Dominic zullo

Narrative Designer

My name is Dominic Zullo and I am a Narrative Designer for Digital Scorpion Interactive. I am a Full Sail University graduate, earning my Bachelor's in Creative Writing, achieving Salutatorian and receiving Awards for Game and Transmedia Writing. I also earned my Master's degree in Game Design, during which, I interned with Zygobot as a Narrative Designer.



I like to play FPS games and RPGs. I love live service games, especially if they actively produce narrative content. My preferred way to play is with friends in co-op and PvP games. I'm always on the lookout for new indie games. I also like board games, card games, and D&D. 

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Tales of Valoris: Swallow's Defenders

Tales of Valoris is a 16-bit tower defense mobile game, which was created in just 8 months but the team at Digital Scorpion Interactive. Each of the 20 levels features narrative beats to progress the story. My contribution was the writing within levels 16 - 20, as well as the epilogue. Our narrative team meticulously edited lines throughout the dev cycle, reacting to gameplay changes and play-tester feedback, resulting in contributions from all 6 writers across the entire game.

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