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Breaker's World | Action RPG Game Samples
Intro to samples

Breakers World is the story of Jax, a Core Hunter who is looking for a way off of a desert junkyard planet. The inhabitants of Breakers World, known as Breakers, are enslaved, forced to strip crashed spaceships for parts. Core Hunters are the lucky few who have managed to obtain a Ship Core, and integrate it into their power armor, enhancing their physical and technological capabilities. Jax intends to find enough ship cores to build a capable shuttle to escape the planet, but he must also recruit a crew with the experience needed to use each powerful ship core. In his way are other core hunters, some only looking out for themselves, others loyal to the tyrannical government responsible for enslaving the Breakers. 

The 3 samples listed below are end-of-mission dialogue options wherein Jax encounters Core Hunters. He can either recruit them, barter with them, or kill them and take their loot. Breakers World's theme is all about the personal connections the player builds, whether they're founded on trust, deception, bravery, bargaining, or survival. 

Bak is a family man, who's only real goal is protecting his daughter. At the same time, Bak's daughter is very helpful when it comes to maintaining his equipment. He isn't the types to easily be recruited because he has to think of his daughter first. 

Sha is a Digger, someone who spends most of their life underground on Breakers World,  tunneling and excavating ships faster than most Breakers can from the surface. They have a lot of inside knowledge about ship-breaking, they are good to have as friends. With this reputation, Diggers usually get harassed by greedy Core Hunters, so they are often defensive. 

Val is a trader within the main Breaker outpost. Her role it to trade intel, such as core locations, for the data stored within them. If she helps a Core Hunter out, she expects a share of the profits, whether that comes in the form  of knowledge, money, or other favors.

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