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Breaker's World | Action RPG Game

Breaker's World is a desert planet where the inhabitants have been enslaved by a greedy management structure. Jax meets a large host of characters that he can fight for resources or recruit to his crew. The provided Excel Files are examples of journals that can be collected and a dialogue sheet that covers a conversation between the player character and two NPCs. 

The Wizard | Fantasy | Flash Fiction

The Wizard is one of my favorite pieces of flash fiction that I've written. It follows the title character through the haunting experience of coming home after a long battle. I wrote this piece as a challenge for myself, describing things in agonizing detail.

Hero School Game Cutscene | Sci-Fi | Script

This 2-page script is for an Action RPG Game about Richard Klavan, the son of a famous superhero, starting his first year at a high school for heroes. This is a script for the opening cutscene.

Tartarus | Sci-Fi | Short Film Script

Stranded on the desolate garbage dump planet, Tartarus, Jack must find his way back home. While there, Jack meets the lone inhabitant of Tartarus, an insane hermit who doesn't want Jack to leave. 

Caught Red Handed | Crime Drama | Spec Script

Special Agent Gibbs must discover the murderer behind a gruesome death, but when Ellie Bishop’s brothers show up during a stakeout, the killer gets away. This script covers the first act of the story, which I wrote for my television writing class. 

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