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Breaker's World

Breaker's World is an Action RPG that features a plethora of characters and choice-based dialogue. I have written more than 20 characters and I am the lead narrative designer on Breaker's World, in charge of recruiting and directing other writers, adding dialogue to Unreal, and coordinating with other disciplines.


Dissent is a Game Jam project that I wrote at Black Banshee while shadowing at the studio. We had three talented narrative designers, so we divided the narrative work between the three acts of the story. I wrote the final act in the lab and office parts of the story. 

Screenshot 2022-08-13 163658.png
Lost in Escape

My fellow Game Design Masters students and I worked on a puzzle game over the course of a month long class. The puzzle game, Lost in Escape, was the result of our hard work. For this project I worked with our programmers to design notes that can be found throughout the levels. The notes reveal lore about the warehouse you find yourself trapped in, as well as provide hints on how to escape.

Timekeeper's Pocket Watch

Timekeeper's Pocket watch is a repeating text adventure, about a time traveler who is given the opportunity to experience multiple lives on earth before dying. 

Timekeeper's Pocket Watch Image.png
Halloween Junction Image.png
Halloween Junction

My first Twine project. Halloween Junction is a text adventure about three teens who explore their hometown on a haunting holiday. I designed this game for a class project during my master's degree. You'll explore a neighborhood full of friends, go see a movie, and stop at a diner for some festive treats.

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